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" myOndo "

the smart way to control your A/C and conserve energy


product description

IR sensors, Motion detection, Temperature, Location, Humidity


Location-based smart A/C controller

myOndo precisely pinpoints your location by analyzing WIFI and GPS data, and will automatically turn on your A/C when you are approaching home.



Control from anywhere

Whether you are at work or need to pre-cool your flat, you have total control of your A/C unit at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. So no more need to touch your remote.



Save energy, save money, reduce your carbon footprint

Askstory's patented algorithm allows reduced fluctuation of room temperature which is not only better for your health but it also lowers energy consumption.



Askstory's patented big data mining engine and algorithms allow for machine learning of user patterns.

The more you use myOndo the more it will know about your preferences.

Once you log your sleeping time, myOndo will take into account the fall in your body temperature during your sleep,

so you will never have to wake up to a cold room and look for a remote only to turn off the A/C and later be woken up to a hot room

Get in tune with nature

Nature smoothes and comforts you in its own natural way.

"the mountain" is technology with a human face

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