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" KT Smart Health Band "

Smart Health Band differs from existing fitness trackers that are centered on outdoor activities by using a motion-sensing technology capable of recognizing 160 different movements. It measures whether exercise is being properly performed and helps ensure balanced muscle build-up.

Smart Health Band is a new fitness tracker concept that applies motion sensing technology. The device distinguishes between 160 different movements and recognizes movement accuracy to count only accurate movements, thus ensuring balanced muscle build-up across the entire body. In addition, it offers 118 exercise programs for indoor and outdoor workouts that provide the right strength training to meet goals of dieting, muscle build-up, or keeping in shape.

Smart Health Band combines the stylishness of smartwatches with the superior wearing comfort of sports bands to target a new market of people to whom sport has become a way of life. With its streamlined design that sticks close to the wrist, Smart Health Band offers superior wearability. For increased comfort of wear during exercise, urethane was chosen as a material and a micro-pattern was applied to express the band’s sophistication. This health band matches both everyday and sports clothing, thereby overcoming the inconvenience of having to switch between watch and device. 

Display-wise, Smart Health Band provides an active and intuitive user environment where users can receive feedback on the exercise information they need immediately. While a vast amount of exercise data is being collected during a workout, the screen only displays information that the user intuitively wants to check. Whether the user is headed to the office or the gym, Smart Health Band possesses the optimal design for any environment. 

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